Life in the UK: The Reality of Living on a Tiny Island

Walking on the Pavement

In London the pavements are so small that it only fits in at most two people at once holding hands or not. There is no room for another person to walk past from behind. What’s more is some people are s ignorant of the ones behind them only to sound a bit rude to say ‘excuse me’ firmly from behind or walk half around the road and then climb back on the pavement again. Living life in the UK means to live on a tiny island in the middle of the atlantic but people just dont get it, everyone wants to get in for the better life. In reality immigrants have made life in the UK  a worse place to live in. A lot of the people in London are no longer natives. Most of the real English people have moved away and have gone for ages. Life in the UK nowadays is all immigrants from Eastern Europe and South-East Asia that dominate parts of London and other major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield to name a few as an example. The city of London is divided into ethnic communties such as:  in East London it is mostly Bangladeshi’s, Pakistani’s and Indians, in Harrow and Southall the majority are all from India while in Stepney/Brick Lane its all Bengali’s/Sylheti’s and in North London its a mixture of Turkish and jewsish people.

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Life in the UK: Finding Work is like Winning the Lottery
The huge influx of immigrants arriving into the UK and the government don’t understand is the UK is a tiny island which is overcrowded and bursting its bank with a huge overflow of people. The immigrants from these countries have come to London and work for peanuts. For example, the rate of a job which is £30 per hour, these people do it for £5 per hour. The government thinks its doing good to its economy but in fact are too stupid to see the reality where jobs are being taken over by immigrants. When you apply for one job (in some cases) there are three hundred applicants for one job so it becomes a lottery.

Life in the UK and Unemployment in London
There are millions of long term unemployed people in London who can’t find work because immigrants from other parts of the world work for peanuts. These people compete fiercly against the citizens of London for the same jobs which British Nationals or citizens apply for which is what causes the huge long term uemployment. A lot of students from third world immigrant countries come for a better life in the UKThey come to London to study on a student visa and then end up working in sweat houses of clothing or food for very low hourly rates of pay. They work their way up in different places and then compete in more demanding and challenging jobs which prevent British born people in the UK getting the job(s) or they just make competition fierce and as a result there are no jobs and unemployment is high.

It is not just London. Life in the UK is densly populated in other major cities such Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester with people mainly making up from the South East Asian sub-continment while the natives have moved to more rural areas like Cornwall, Devon, Derby, Yorkshire Dales or have even left the country for balmy parts of Europe, US and Australia.

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