It is a beautiful sunny day with nice blue sky, the sun shining, people and children enjoying the atompshere whether in town or on the beach. However, in the midst of all this there are three mad-men. Putin, Obama and Camron are trying to ignite a fire that they cannot extinguish – World War III – and putin has already warned the west Russia is ready to fire nukes over the Ukranian conflict which the US and UK have stuck there nose in.

Naam, Iraq, Afghanistan, now Iraq again then Syria, China and N. Korea – the pope has warned that a ‘peacemeal’ world war III has already started.

These 3 nutters want to incinerate the world with us in it.

I dunno why people abuse the technology we have to build nuclear bombs to destroy people, life, civilisation and use their power to destroy a planet with billions of innocent people in it when they could do better things with the technology they have such blow clouds away to make cloudy day sunny.

What is the best internet browser ?

A few years ago FFX was the best:

ext, security, durablity,

then chrome

then it was opera for slow machines

people have reported ‘chrome is malware whose main purpose is to spy on everything you do on the internet & report the results back to Google. not only that ANY google related accelerator for internet search you will be tracked! they ease your searching results and they even SPY on you, with better accuracy than without your account !

ffx manages ram better and consumes a lot less with tons of tabs and exts


I can’t believe it. I’ve returned to FF after a 2 year run with chrome. Chrome has just become too buggy, too slow with multiple windows open

And Opera? No one can take it seriously unless or until it gets a bookmark manager. It’s for kiddies with a hundred or two bookmarks. Too bad, because even though they’re headed for a clone of chrome, it’s got a beautiful look.

the only probs opera has it cant display text in forms



lately opera browser has become shit – it wont display the pages of barclays bank once logged in

I dunno what is so attractive about Windows 8 metro tiles layout, its a difference to the desktop but feels all squares on a mobile phone.

My phones on the blink…

I cant believe what google and t-mobile are playing at their websites and browser are not compatible each other. Find store on t-mobile does not work on crhome but works on ffx, also if you turn of sound on some webpage, sound still plays.

Do I need a smart phone ?

You have to ask the question: ‘What will a smart phone do for me ?”

If it just making calls and sending sms then a dumb-phone is right for you but if you want more than that for example you want to carry a:

  • Diary/organiser, notepad
  • Email
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Make free calls using skype or viber
  • Free chat / sms using whatsapp
  • GPS (an alternative to traditional maps)
  • Editing, creating or working on aritcles or documents
  • Finance on the go
  • Voice/call recorder
  • Something to do while waiting at an appointment in public place or travelling on public transport
  • Tweeting or other social media
  • browsing the web
  • Music
  • Live transport information

other bonuses include:

  • movies/clips/previews
  • file sharing / sync

Traditionally you would have to carry an organiser with diary and a notepad with a pen and you couldn’t check your email on the go. Additionally if you wanted to take snaps then you would have to remember to carry a camera with you, adding to your load and finding somewhere to put all the things you carry with you because there can never be enough pockets. Although these days video comes with a camera having a dedicated video recorder is better. Obviously you couldn’t make free calls on the go. You would have to watch your daily allowance of free minutes or stop somewhere to use a filthy, smelly phone box. Gone are the days when you could be lost in the street and not find your way despite having a map because maps dont point in the direction, instead you would have had to carry an A-Z atlas/map or write down the directions and carry a piece of paper or print out a map from you pc and carry a piece of paper around with you and also ask people for directions. Of course, you wasnt able to edit, create, or work on documents and articles or do your finances on the go or while waiting. Social media and browsing is a bonus considering traditionally you couldn’t do any of those things. You would have also be carrying an walkman, CD player or mp3 player for music, not to mention carrying notebooks, diaries, and address book in case you wanted to phone someone or go somewhere.

First there was computers, laptops, monochrome digital organisers palmtops then notebooks, netbooks, then came smart phones, tablets and now the phablet.

What is a phablet ? A phablet is a tablet and smart phone with with a slightly larger screen to a phone with all your new technology built in that you would traditionally be carrying things in your pocket, bag or backpack.

Mobile phones come in two types:

  • Dumb-phones
  • Smart phones

They have three different types of OS

  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Other Operating System

The iphone is a good phone but the design is awful and boring with huge bezels on a small screen. Although the screen sizes may be 4 or 4.5″ the bezels take-up a lot of space.

Blackberries can thought of as a cross between a iphone/android and a traditional phone because it has a physical keyboard as a lot of virtual keyboards are a disaster for those who are not adolecents.

However, there is nothing on that list that is important. It’s only been within the past 5 years that all of that became available and Somehow life got to that point just fine. It Might be nice but obviously, I don’t feel ANY of that is worth the cost of buying a smart phone, and not one person in this world NEEDS any of it. Air, water, food and shelter is a requirement, but a piece of electronic equipment that didn’t exist 5 years ago is hardly a requirement. The people who DO live with their nose in a screen tend to miss out on the greatest aspect of life. That’s the act of Living it. Thinking about things, interacting with others, exploring new places. I can’t even begin to realise how many great things I would have never experienced if I hadn’t gotten lost, struck up a conversation with a stranger. Thinking back to my life as a kid (I grew up in London, without any of those technological gadgets).

Some people rarely use the actual phone part of their smart phone with their iPhone or Android has a data-only plan for VoIP. It’s more accurate to say they have a portable computer.

A smart phone is a bonus for those of us who like to be glued to computer with an internet connection or who were thinking of getting a laptop or netbook, glad to say gone are the days when laptops or netbooks – big devices which you had to carry around, now you can put the phablet in your pocket and be glued to a computer with internet.

Which Mobile Phone

Choosing which mobile phone to buy can be bit of a pain with so much to choose from. You cant always opt for the best phone out in the market due to expensive monthly price plans. What you want is a balance between the good and the right price. So, apart from the top of the range phone which not everyone can go for there are the budget range and mid-range phones. The budget range phones are quite cheap but not that good in terms of tech specs so the mid-range phone is somewhat appealing.



Looking for a good cheap smart phone

Looking for a new phone is not easy. Retailers first sell a new phone for high mid-range prices prices and then bring them down down to more affordable prices which they then call budget phones because they were really good to start off with in the first place.

At the moment I am looking for a phone which has:

1 Gb RAM
8Gb storage
4G internet
5 MP camera (at least)
2 MP camera at the front
Sqaure shaped

however, I have found a smartphone with 8 MP camera at the rear and 5 MP at the front. I dont know why they have cut off the top corners of the Huwawei Ascend G6 4G phone. This is currently the best mid-range phone I have found, shame about the emotion UI – a bit too cartoonish. There are other good phones out there but I dont like the shape. A lot of them are a bit too rounded and some look like a bar of soap.

I heard Samsung is a good phone but I have had one of these before and didn’t jave a good experience with. Most of the phones are all the same rounded which I dont like. It doesn’t matter whether its a cheap phone, budget phone, mid-range phone but if Samsung has any dignity they should be respected for then they have lost that because whichever category phones fall in to they should not become faulty after a few month. I had the Samsung Tocco Lite which I bought for £90 on PAYG and after 6 months the screen became unresponsive and had to have it replaced which costed a further £20. So Samsung does have some scam tricks up its sleave to make poor phones, sell it for a bit less and then make money on replacement parts.

This year there aren’t many good looking phones. Nokia got taken over by Microsoft who put Windows 8 operating system on it which fills up the screen with tiles – yuk ! and instead of scrolling accross different screens you have to scroll down and up, not appealing. Its no use having smartphones with good specs if you cant use 4G internet. You’re not always gonna be home and want to do things on the go (OTG). There are lots of good phones on ebay with end specs but are only 3G.

I dont know what is it with people that put off others from buying what they like. One of the reasons why a lot of the new phones have a lot of curves is because school-kid designers have been put in labs to design phones that they think looks nice and call anything else that is square “industrial, sharp-cornered black slab”.

Alot of people who buy phones don’t know the fact that a smartphone is actually an pocket computer. A phone is a device that is used for making voice calls. Traditionally there were only land line telephones then came mobiles like the nokia 3310 which serves it purpose for making voice calls. Afterall, a phone is a phone – device used for speaking to people over a distance. Nowadays, phones have what is actually on a computer such as social media. Many people would not spend time sitting at a computer either because its boring, geeky or a technophobe but using a smartphone is in a way similar to using a computer. Because it has browser, social media, web, personal organiser and other things which you will find on a computer called ‘Apps’ short for ‘Applications’ which is another word for ‘software it is really a pocket computer running the mobile operating system.

“rooting means de-brand your phone . means to unlock your phones software and modify it with your custom rom or some thing else.. that is rooting or de-branding phone ..” and what many people dont realise is that the huwawei ascend G6 has been rooted

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you because they are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidents but a lot of them are not really fresh as you think they are. Some shops in London order huge amounts usually imported from other countries where they are stored in the stock room for days. Fresh fruits and vegetables are only really fresh when they are just picked off the tree otherwise it’s not really fresh, it just looks fresh.

What usually happens is fresh fruits and vegetables are picked off the trees in other countries, put on a truck and driven to wholesalers or importers and exporters. The food can be in their stockroom for hours, or even days. After marketers have bought it is again stored in the warehouses until the right exporter will pay the right price for it to be shipped abroad. A good deal of time usually hours or days are spent in aeroplanes and ships which the food is sitting there. When it reaches the destination of export again they are in warehouses until the right wholesaler gets hold of the stock to sell it to the right shopkeeper.

Once the food is sold from the wholeseller to the right retailer again it is stored in stock-rooms. Shop keepers buy a huge amount of stock at once so they can sell at cheap price like £1 a bowl. Until all their bowls of Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold the rest are stocked in warehouses or stock rooms all getting old and stale. What many shop keepers do specially in East London in ethnic communities specially in the Bangladeshi community is they try to sell the good looking ones which they think they are really fresh at a high and expensive price, some of them even being sold be weight. When shop keepers come to their senses that not many people are buying their expensive produce and it is going bad then they lower them to cheap prices such as £1 a bowl.

I had been to some shops and a market in East London – Whitechapel market seems to be one of the worst places to buy so-called “fresh”  fruits and vegetables. The stall holders sell bad and rotten fruits and vegetables for £1 either in bowls, trays or packets. A lot of the traders in that area sell  fruits and vegetables for £1 which is very cheap because you gets lots for that price but when you look closer you can see the produce is actually bad and vegetables like mulla or aubergine are cut off in some sections and not sold whole because they have become rotten and when customers see these rotten veg they won’t buy them. Even though the traders sell you 3 or 4 of the veg in one bowl it is still not good as when you take the veg home and cut it you find more sections inside which are bad but disguised.

Banana’s that are turning black or turned black and you can see bruises on are sold in whitechapel and watney market. When you take them home and as they ripen they turn even more black and you can see they are damaged due to mishandling. Many of the traders also buy a lot of unripe green banana’s which have not been kept at the right temperature or has not been left on the tree long enough and in the market they are a pale yellow which does not ripen properly and does not taste good either. These are being sold by under-educated traders who just want to make a quick dosh.


The same thing goes for plums, tomatoes and mangoes. Mangoes get sold for £6 a box in Bondor Bazar and Kasa Bazar which are not always so ripe but once the mangoes are ripe and turning bad then the prices are lowered to £5, or £2.50 a box and rarely £1 for two in a bowl. Chillies, as well as tomatoes once a lot of them are going bad then a lot of them in packets are sole for £1. The banana’s are bought in excellent condition but once they start to ripen their true colours start to show – the damage done due to mishandling them and not placing the slowly and carefully.

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