EE is Scum

EE (a stupid name for a mobile network)  is a deceptive scam. They advertise on their website that customers can top-up for £1 and get 25 min but in actual fact this is not true. YOU CANNOT REALLY ADD £1 CREDIT to your SIM and get the 25 minutes as they say so, it is more complicated then that, after your pack runs out.

The £1 for 25 min is a “pack”. If you start the month with £10 for 150 minutes on the so-called ‘everything pack’ and then half way in the month you run out of credit because you have used the £10 credit on your phone to buy the 150 minutes pack which costs £10, you can’t really add a £1 for a further 25 minutes pack immediately because it says it will add the pack to your SIM at the end of the month – but i want to fuckin top-up now and get more free minutes – whatta deceptive lie ! why can’t I add the £1 pack now and get 25 minutes now ??!!

£1 ee pack


As you can see it says the new pack will begin after my current pack expires and will begin on 27th of the month. How fucking stupid! what am I supposed to do now ?! I definately won’t use cash credits as they are so fuckin sky-high expensive it will take all my cash from the mobile in minutes if you’re even an average talker.

However, EE do provide another option which is called an add-on. So, you think if you’re stuck and can’t use the £1 for 25 minutes because this is so rubbish then you can use an add on, only to find out that after you select you want the 100 minutes for 7 days there is no option to pay £1 – ohh no, EE is not easy, its very complicated, in fact it is a deceptive, false, trash – the proper term for it is a SCAM ! the cheapest price for 100 minutes for 7 days is £3.00 ok, so theres no option you’ll have to buy 100 minutes for £3.00 only to find out……:

100 mins for £3


only to be let down big time by their deceptive trade and to find out once you click on ‘top-up & buy’ that you must spend a minimum of £5:

ee £5 for £3 credit


£5.00 for £3.00 ? sounds confusing ? yes, because EE are being deceptive in trying to trick you to pay £5.00 for the £3.00 for 100 minutes add-on. How more deceptive can a mobile phone network get ? no wonder EE are hated by many people because EE is a SCAM and liars !

In total, now EE is charging me £15 for 250 minutes where in fact I could have got 750 minutes if I used the £15 Talk & Text pack at the begining of the month if only I knew if would be using more than 150 minutes.

EE may think they are clever in playing deceptive mind tricks with its customers but IMHO i think EE are not just SCUM but also a SCAM !

…And they bloody log you out regularly for no flipping reason

However, I am more clever than those scum, I’m just gonna get a new SIM card put £1 on it and buy 25 minutes, how about that!

How to buy a top-end mobile phone cheap without a contract

motorola moto G 4G

We all like to have the latest mobile phone with all the bells and whistles that come with it. Some people like to buy on a monthly contract and some like to buy using cash or a credit card, either Pay As You Go (PAYG) or SIM free. Either way it could be expensive.

Take for example a good phone such as the Motorola Moto G (4G). One network provider is selling it for £149.99 on PAYG and another provider is charging nothing for the phone but on a 24 month contract you pay £19.99 upfront and £19.99 monthly. So to get a good phone cheap, it just needs some basic maths.

24 months x £19.99 a month = £456

plus £19.99 upfront
Total Cost of phone £475.99

So, either someone’s selling it at a good price or someone else is pocketing the rest of the profit.

Being on the 24 month contract puts the illusion the phone costs £456. Also, the fact that you are paying it over 24 months gives you the false sense that you are spreading the cost of the phone by paying monthly in small amounts, which is not true. The phone can’t cost £456, if it was so, then how comes another operator is selling it on PAYG for £149.99 ? The operator who is selling it on PAYG for £149.99 definately bought it very cheap and is taking a decent profit.

For those who can only afford a low-end phone, here is some more simple maths and a solution on how to get a good phone which cost more.


£149.99 / 12 = £12.49

So, basically buy the phone, which is £149.99 on PAYG on a credit card and set up a monthly direct debit of £12.49 and thats it. You will only pay the price of the phone spread over 12 months in small affordable amounts and not pay the huge misleading amount of £456 over 24 months.


Another option

Say for example you are eager to buy a new phone, the latest mid-range model this year, wait for a big sale such as the ‘black friday’ or the xmas or new year sales when prices keep falling off.

If its a very good mobile phone then the price wouldn’t fall off much but say for example the final price of the phone is £150.00 then purchase it on a (empty) credit card and then pretend you are buying a new phone each month (as some people do) and pay each month a portion of the total price. Lets say you pretend to buy a phone for £50 in the first month, then next month you buy a phone for £40 and in the third month you buy a phone for £60; in that way you could quickly pay off the total cost of the phone in small affordable chunks. No need to pay a extortionate rate on a 24 month contract when the phone only cost £150 plus why do you need to pay line rental these days because using the methods and solutions I have mentioned here would save you a lot of money. Although it might look like you are paying small amounts every month on a long contract if you do the basic maths then you will see you are paying more for the phone. Will you pay £150 or £456 ? that’s a difference of £306

Even a top-end or top of the range phone which cost £500, you can pay it in five instalments of £100 in five months (pay £100 a month) or if one can’t afford that then you can pay in over a 10 month period or 10 installments of £50, simple ! ;-)

Got the idea ?

Dell Inspiron 620


The Dell Inspiron 620 is a rubbish Personal Computer (PC). It is only good for basic use. The specification of the PC is as follows:

Intel core i3-2120 CPU
3.30 Ghz
2 CPU cores
4 Logical processors
500 Gb Hard drive (but there is only 463 gb available)
4 Gb RAM
Microsoft Windows 7
64 bit Operating System

This computer is very slow – it is utterly rubbish. It is only good for use with a single application or window open. The maxium you can have is about three small apps running like a browser, and two notepads. If you have more than this open then computer is very slow for example:

1 Microsoft Word document
13 notepad files (plain text files, unsaved)
2 folders
1 Application Software
1 Google chrome browser with 5 tabs

This is a very small handful of files I have open for use and cross referencing at one time but the computer gets very slow it drags its feet even if the system is optimised

DO NOT EVER BUY THIS PC unless you intend to use it with only application software open at a time for example: 1 browser window with one tab or 1 MS-Word document or 1 email (client) open.

Contrary to what Dell say on their website – it is not true as to what they are marketing to the public.

Those who wish to purchase a future proof PC the Dell Inspiron 620 is definitely a NO-NO

However, looking on the bright side as well running single application software you can run games such as Half-Life 2 or Flight Simulator X provided all the software is closed or not running.

The keyboard when its fresh and new is light and soft when typing but as time goes by the keys get stiff and they are quite clunky and make a lot of noise.

Tesco Everyday Value Tortilla Chips


These crisps are good at a cheap and bargain price however, they dont have much flavour apart from being salty, crunchy and quite a bit chewy. At 46p a bag you get what you pay for, ideal for those on a low  income or low budget. Even then I wouldn’t go near them for their consistently chewyness.

See if you can get a better bag of crisps on a slightly a higher income

Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws

The BBC news reports that Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.

Britain is losing its rights to free speech, this comes in addition to the coalition governments’ idea to scrap human rights. Under the new laws to lock-up internet trolls the British people are being put at risk of losing their rights of freedom to express themselves freely in a open country.

With advent of the coalition governments idea to scrap human rights and ban free speech by call people trolls and jailing them, this raises fresh new issues of what freedom people have in the pre-existing nanny-state. Britain is set to become a communist state in the 21st century like Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan (and German in the Hitler era)

There are bad people everywhere. The government can’t get a grip on anti-social behaviour in real-life and now its trying to tackle anti-social behaviour in virtual life – how ridiculous! There are virtual or internet thugs, bullies and anti-social users online but that does not give Chris Grayling to call everyone ‘trolls’ who speak out against some wrong doing in public. Social media is like talking to anyone just in a pub, cafe, home or street – the word of mouth goes around. Celebrities suffering mass online abuse is one thing and internet trolls are another. The minister has got it wrong and wants social media to be regulated ??!! they can’t even regulate Britain’s streets of anti-social and nuisance behaviour. Because there is too much freedom the law does not cover nuisances and all aspects of anti-social behaviour. The police will only act if a situation gets serious. Oh yes, if someone becomes an ongoing nuisance and the other person punches them then British law is there to arrest the defendent and not the wrong-doer.

Mr Grayling told a newspaper: “These internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life” but Mr Grayling has no right to call anyone a coward and he owes an apology to all, Grayling’s is unprofessional being a minister to use such demeaning and provocative  language. Celebrities receiving a threats is ‘online abuse’ not trolling. Someone making a threat to another person is abusive and bullish behaviour however, prosecution and jail sentences  seems too tough on acts like this  because it is virtual and not real. You cannot treat virtual reality in the same way as reality unless someone one was speaking directly over speakers and microphone or skyping when they could hear each other which can actually be recognised as threatening. Repeated aggressive threats are a more serious issue IF however there is proven intent to harm someone. The word troll is a meaningless fucking term in the 21st century which only mythically existed in prehistroic times – A troll is a supernatural being it was once believed.


A person has the right to free speech. A freedom of speech means a one person can say to another ‘I will kill you! I will kill you!’ but that along does not prove anything unless proven with intent that actually one person wants to kill another. On the internet social media specially this can be hard to ascertain specially if one persons tries to warn another not do so something or tries to drive away another person from coming to prevent something. If one person is a nuisance on a regular basis the other can say ‘stop it or I will kill you’ as an act of frustration but does not have to have the intent of killing the other person.

The government needs to revise its policy of jailing people on the basis of free speech unless they have made a threat online with intent and follow-up to carry out any violent act otherwise we don’t want London to become another communist country in the 21st century.

Epson Stylus SX535WD

 Epson Stylus SX535WD InkJet Photo Printer

epson stylus sx353wd


If you don’t want a life full of hell and torture don’t buy this piece of trash. Epson only advertise this printer with the nice photo coming out on the glossy paper and by enhancing the photo of the printer.

The Epson Stylus SX353 is bulky but not heavy it is light-weight but quite a bit clunky, noisy and flimsy. Give it a simple print command and it would make a lot of noise like as if the printer is breaking down. The paper tray is very shoddy, it won’t always go in straight if you take the whole thing out. It also gets stuck unless you lift the front end of the printer from the bottom while trying to insert paper into the paper tray. You can’t really lift it from the bottom at the front end because that’s where the paper tray is so you have put your hand on the flimsy paper drop-out lid or just somehow try to lift from the front end putting your hand either on or between the paper tray and the flimsy paper drop out lid.

Photo Paper

This is printer has some real issues taking photo paper occasionally it would take the odd one other wise it can’t handle it. The Epson Stylus SX353WD can’t take photo paper which is 7×5″ because the most likely reason it is a piece of trash. It the worst printer to actually print any photographs.  The best it can handle is only A4 paper for regular print-outs.

Earn £300 a day in your own time

Men Hate Women’s Body

Men hate women’s body but it’s not actually their body the men hate. The soul of a woman is inside the body. In actual fact men hate the woman (soul). The woman is actually not really a woman but she is a devil. She IS Satan.


Some of the characteristics of this devilish satan are:

  • They wear make-up to attract men and look good in the eyes of men
  • They dress sexily and provoctivley to entice and arouse men
  • They shave their legs so they can dress enticingly to arouse and attract men
  • They wear revealing clothes to desperately attract men by arousing mens carnal desires.
womain in mini skirt

Woman in revealing top and mini skirt

  • Women love to spend all of a mans money – women suck out the life of men, even if a man buys her the world it will not be enough.
  • Women lie more than men
  • Women like to twist a mans mind until she makes him mad and destroys him
  • Women look beautiful on the outside but inside they  are ugly (have an ugly personality;  not all women are like that, there are alot of good women) but in most cases the good looking women are deceiving.
Women in reveal clothes wearing short mini skirt

Women in reveal clothes wearing short mini skirt

Satan comes in many forms. Satan can come in the form of a dog, cat, man, be invisible, come as smoke, fire or another form but the most common form of satan is in the form of a sexy woman because it is very easy to lure men into anything that he is not supposed to do. We can see a perfectly fine example of this when the world was first created and Adam & Eve were put in the garden of Eden. Satan came invisibly, got inside (the woman) Eve and enticed Adam to commit the sin of eating the forbbiden apple.

big tits

In todays society there are a huge number of things that women entice men into and the main thing is women entice men into their body. Satan does not go into all the women’s body only those women who are misguided from the straight path. One of the most common ways the devil play with mens mind to attract him towards him is through women. Women dress very sexily revealing their large assets, breasts, boosom, boobies, mangoes,  melons and titties as men like to call them, and jugs specially big ones. The men get very attracted to revealing women who display their milk (breasts) legs and thighs and fall for her to form a relationship with not just the body of a woman but with the devil inside her.

The characteristics of the non satanic woman are:

  • She is kind
  • She is not two faced
  • She not a hypocrite
  • She does not arouse a mans desires to want her

caring woman
Example of a kind, caring and loving woman

  • She does not suck the life out of a mans pocket for even if you give her a grain she will be content with it.
  •  She is understanding
  • She looks natural
  • She wears make-up, waxes her legs, dresses nicely because likes to take care of herself but doesn’t care what other people think of her.

Good woman
An example of a good woman

The satanic women dresses-up for men. She creates a false sense of need for the man to want her. She plays her game hard to get him sometimes and when shes dressed-up in a boob revealing top and mini skirt then she’s playing the easy game of enticing men. She plays this game with him and creates a relationship which may last for days, weeks or months which in fact all this time the man is under the influence of the woman not to be independent of himself but to lose his freedom by wanting her and meeting her needs and satisfaction in the form of money, partying, dating, lust and sex.

woman in mini skirt

Woman in mini skirt showing her sexy long legs and knickers for men to see and get attracted

There is nothing wrong with women wearing a nice sexy outfit which shows her beauty by way of showing her sexy legs and body but the problem is there is never two persons because satan is in the middle and play with peoples mind. It is easy for satan to trick men by luring him into her arms. The woman is satan or the devil because it comes in the form of a very beautiful and sexy woman. Soon they get passionate and experience electrifying gratification once the man has inserted his develish rod inside her satanic hole between her legs from the middle of his legs.

sexy girl

Woman attracting men to her sexy body

Men love a womans sexy body and find it irristable that he soon falls for her by getting close to her and entering her before even dating her because he finds the girl who is very sexily dressed extremely attractive and then forming a relationship which sooner or later ends when the glitter has fallen off.  So, why do women like to attract men to their body if they prefer independence ? Women don’t really need men but of course some women like to have a family life in marriage but they don’t attract men by wearing make-up and a very sexy outfit. Although it can be argued that desperate women who can’t find a partner do but there a lot of women are beautiful who do because they unconfident and those who are with the devil.

However, Not all women are bad, there are some very good women who are caring, thoughtful and not materialistic. A lot of failed marriages are a result of a pretenece of being in a relationship not with a woman but with the devil (woman) who had enticed man by dressing-up, wining and dining with and sucking out more than his earnings. Once the couple get married soon or later then man finds out that the icing on the cake has disappeared or the glitter has fallen off and perhaps it was not his intention to marry this woman who has wrecked his marriage and part of his life and now that he has to start all over again to find another woman. Only the wise one will evade the devil and marry a woman.

good women

Example of a woman with respect

Not all women have a twisted mind but I don’t know why they do this. They court/date with men for a while (be it week or months) and after they have settled down things begin to get rocky, married life turns sour which eventually leads to a break-up. In life there are two types of women those who are with the devil and those who are real. You could argue that this is mans fault at not taking care of her, not caring for her, not looking after her, not making time for her but no matter even if you give her the world she will not be satisfied. Sooner or later it will be over, the woman destroys their married lifed for both, there will be gap in her life where she will say wants time to her self where shes gains energy to destroy the next man to give him a taste of hell. In fact the taste of hell starts when they first set eyes on each other only that is the demo or just a screen saver.

This is one of the man signs that we are in the last days before the hour will come when the world to end.

How the world will end ?

The short answer is planet earth will always be here. Just as Mars is a barren planet in outer space with dried riverbeds which was once a living planet it seem from some evidence found by  Mars rover. Perhaps there was some ancient life-form or even some highly-advanced life-form than humans and who knows what happened. Perhaps they had a world war with more sophisticated weapons than nukes or perhaps the world ended with a day of judgement or reckoning in that world or maybe time was up  and they killed each other and as a result the world ended as a severe punishment for life on that planet but who knows.

how the world will end an example from mars

For some the ending of the world will be a long wait. Some will grow old and die but never see it, others will see it in old age but some will never see it; and others will see the end of the world perhaps at the next second or minute. Those who came before us are in their graves waiting for thousands of years for the world to end one day so they could go to heaven. The fact is the world will end when you end, i.e. the world will end as soon as you die. Using a bit of commonsense it can be seen that as soon as a person has died their world has ended. How the world will end, no one knows. For some it will be an accident, for some it will be battle or a fight. Which ever way it ends, it has already been planned – a destiny has been written before a single soul has come to the world. On another note as for those who have died as an accident it could be thought they have entered the next life by accident. Not all accidents are in fact accidents but a planned excuse in destiny for life to end as an accident. Some accidents can be thought of as punishment for wrong doing or extreme sinning.

Life is a journey and death is a partition between this world and the next world (between this life and the next life in the hereafter or after life). It is also thought by some the end of the world will be the next big bang, everything will explode into tiny particles just as the universe began with a big bang. Perhaps the expiry date of the world is set to self-destruct. Some say the sun would slowly come close to the earth and incinerate it. Whichever way how the world will end, there are signs which tell the beginning of the end of the world is approaching closer and closer.

How the world will end perhaps by a nuclear war

However, there are minor signs and major signs of the hour which give a clue to how close the hour is to the end of the world.

So, how will the world end ?

The current state of the world suggests how the world will end is getting closer. With so many people, shortage of space to live, shortage of food, water, money, lots of wars and bloodshed, suggest how the world will end  is getting closer. One of the crucial factors playing a role in How the world will end is by world leaders provoking each other. Sooner or later the games of provocation mainly played by the US government will lead to an unwanted war.

How the world will end after a nuclear war destruction

Although the topic of provocation and war is another topic unless the US government stop bullying other countries, stop provoking them, stop colonialism, stop being paranoid – How the world will end will be by taking millions of innocent people with them. Ultimately a few world leaders will fire rockets at each other but this will drag humongous amounts of innocent civilians to death. Ultimate the current state of affairs the world is in which being played by Western powers could escalate into a regional war, then into a world war and finally into a nuclear war.

nuclear-states and how the world will end

Although the west is putting up missile defence shields so that missiles from enemy countries don’t explode over western countries the western government are selfish to think about the after effects of a nuclear way such as nuclear-winter, fallout and radition. The wind will carry fallout and radiation all around the war world which will prevent sunlight, which will cause nuclear winter (extremely sever cold and darkness). This will also cause a sudden long-term upsurge of dangerous disesases. Not only will this kill mankind and an all living creatures but will cause the destruction of the planet which is why we go to the begining of how the planet mars became a dead and barren planet.

how the world will end could by nuclear explosions

how the world will end after a nuclear-war-destruction

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory currently is somewhat confusing. First there was darkness in space and then one day….a BIG bang! happened and the universe was created – what nonsense, the current big bang theory sucks! What scientists and the inhabitants of the earth do not think about is how actually the big bang happened in reality. Of course the simple answer of the big bang theory is there were lots of atoms and molecules which you cant see were just floating around in space and one day too many of the atoms and molecules got clustered as an asteroid would do in one place and crashed into one and another. This would be the basic idea/thinking of a school or college student or laymen. This type of  thinking in many people’s ideology of the big bang theory would be in ignorance.

Atoms and Molecules

A fine example of the way a person could think would be to ask oneself….’where did the atom/molecule come from in the first place ?’ The ignorant answer by many would be it just happens to be there, its just there kind-of answer which is basic but not sufficient. A atom or molecule cannot one day just happen to be there specially when nothing existed in the first place i.e. there was only space and there was not even life. How can one even think in that way ?! If nothing exsited then technically not even space would be there. For one to know that space was there they would have to be created to even have a brain to think about that. If there was no life then nothing even exists in the first place not even the thinking of space or space itself.

The Big Theory of the Universe

Thinking About The Big Bang Theory in Reality

We need to look at this from a different context, using a bit more imagination and common sense. A simple enough way of thinking would be ask yourself is where did tiny, weeny insect or other animal which you could only see with a microscope come from ? a big bang ? surely these creatures could not have just formed every time with a big bang? It could have been that these creatures developed six legs, and an abdomen but surely they also have a brain to think with and a digestive and reproductive system which is fully funtional and this cycle goes on every day. Perhaps it was an accident, but mammals and animals are not born by accident everyday. So, are there tiny big bangs happening everyday ? or are they the result of an earthquake which you could think of as a big bang in itself ?

The Big Theory of Tiny Creatures

What about new born humans ? flowers opening ? one must ask him/her self how do these things happen. Surely, just because the universe was created with a big bang one day all life form continuously evolves even today ? So, what happened to the basic fundamental thinking of how exactly the big bang was created, and how exactly these molecules and atoms became there or even got created in the first place ? The answer has already been given to us many thousands of years ago. Whether you beleive it not but the the current big bang theory in fact is misleading and didn’t just happen out of the blue one day. Couldn’t one just think how the weather changes daily or how the sun sets or rises and what if or how comes the sun only rises from the east everyday ? this thinking would bring humans back to the fundamental law of the big bang theory in reality in which the answer had already been given to us.

The Big Theory of planet earth

Let me bring the Noob back into the game and tell you now that man was created from mud, clay or the earth and then you were given ‘life’ There are no prizes for guessing who or what the big bang theory is but write your thoughts and speak your mind below.

Life in the UK

Walking on the Pavement

In London the pavements are so small that it only fits in at most two people at once holding hands or not. There is no room for another person to walk past from behind. What’s more is some people are s ignorant of the ones behind them only to sound a bit rude to say ‘excuse me’ firmly from behind or walk half around the road and then climb back on the pavement again. Living life in the UK means to live on a tiny island in the middle of the atlantic but people just dont get it, everyone wants to get in for the better life. In reality immigrants have made life in the UK  a worse place to live in. A lot of the people in London are no longer natives. Most of the real English people have moved away and have gone for ages. Life in the UK nowadays is all immigrants from Eastern Europe and South-East Asia that dominate parts of London and other major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield to name a few as an example. The city of London is divided into ethnic communties such as:  in East London it is mostly Bangladeshi’s, Pakistani’s and Indians, in Harrow and Southall the majority are all from India while in Stepney/Brick Lane its all Bengali’s/Sylheti’s and in North London its a mixture of Turkish and jewsish people.

The Reality of Living on a Tiny Island

life in the UK, whitechapel, London

Life in the UK: Finding Work is like Winning the Lottery
The huge influx of immigrants arriving into the UK and the government don’t understand is the UK is a tiny island which is overcrowded and bursting its bank with a huge overflow of people. The immigrants from these countries have come to London and work for peanuts. For example, the rate of a job which is £30 per hour, these people do it for £5 per hour. The government thinks its doing good to its economy but in fact are too stupid to see the reality where jobs are being taken over by immigrants. When you apply for one job (in some cases) there are three hundred applicants for one job so it becomes a lottery.

Life in the UK and Unemployment in London
There are millions of long term unemployed people in London who can’t find work because immigrants from other parts of the world work for peanuts. These people compete fiercly against the citizens of London for the same jobs which British Nationals or citizens apply for which is what causes the huge long term uemployment. A lot of students from third world immigrant countries come for a better life in the UKThey come to London to study on a student visa and then end up working in sweat houses of clothing or food for very low hourly rates of pay. They work their way up in different places and then compete in more demanding and challenging jobs which prevent British born people in the UK getting the job(s) or they just make competition fierce and as a result there are no jobs and unemployment is high.

It is not just London. Life in the UK is densly populated in other major cities such Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester with people mainly making up from the South East Asian sub-continment while the natives have moved to more rural areas like Cornwall, Devon, Derby, Yorkshire Dales or have even left the country for balmy parts of Europe, US and Australia.

Read more on the life in the UK