Chasing Trains and the Startling Discovery: UN Agenda 21

I found out something recently – it is very concerning. It all started because of an adventure with my grandsons, Will and Brandon. Will is a train enthusiast and aficionado. So two or three times a month we do this thing called “rail fanning.” We run all over North Florida hunting trains. Then we shoot them- with our iPhones.

A few months ago we went out to explore the new mega industrial complex on Hwy 90, just east of Lake City, Florida. There is a new rail spur going in to service the complex and Will is fascinated with it, so it’s one of our regular haunts.

One day we ran into the site manager; he came to run us off, but he was friendly and we talked for awhile. He said, “Yeah, these sites are happening all across the country. Sustainable Development Goals. They’re going to get the trucks off the road.” Sounded good to me, I hate the vying for lane space with those Behemoths.

However, since then I have been reading and researching this. While the cat is away the mice do play. We’re all busy working hard, raising families, and trying to make sense of 2020. Meanwhile there are powerful, wealthy entities who, starting in the seventies, have made big plans for us; they are being implemented while no one has pays attention.

So I found this book explaining the whole thing, written by a California liberal who worked for the State of California for decades and had a front row seat to the implementation of UN Agenda 21 since the 90’s.

It was written In 2011 and it holds more true now then it did nine years ago. Alarmingly prophetic actually. These 3 photos introduce her ideas and convey her wish for all people to work together.

  1. The UN Agenda 21’s best friend is economic collapse. Hmm….

2. The author’s Call to Action to those of every political stripe.

3. She explains the governmental structure into which we are entering. I was wrong with all of my Marxist rants. It’s something beyond that.

In future blogs I’m going to post photos with highlighted passages to make it easy to digest this book and save a little time for anyone who wants to know. For the sake of our kids and grandkids, we should know. And if you think it’s information your family and friends would appreciate, feel free to pass it along.

Meanwhile, here is Rosa, eloquently and intelligently stating her case:

Every nation that signed on to United Nations Agenda 21 in 1992 has its local Agenda 21 plan, and people in the U.S. are completely unaware of this.

If I go out and talk about this in the U.S., the press attacks me and calls me a ‘conspiracy theorist’. It is not theory- it is fact. Here in Europe it is openly spoken about {with local and regional planning meetings held). It is implemented on the ground through the joining together of corporations, nongovernmental organizations and governments (“Public/Private Partnerships,” aka fascism) in order to cut out the individual, the voter.”

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