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Lady Jane

She was a treasure.

Glacier Part 3: High Country Surprise

This installment is still in progress! Life has a way of taking all kinds of unexpected turns; please enjoy my story of one of those unexpected, wonderful turns in the next blog, “Lady Jane.” Or, if you haven’t checked out Parts 1 and 2 of the Glacier Adventures, you’re missing out! 😀 I will wrap up Part 3 soon – Check back! 🙂

Glacier Part 2: Great Grizzly Sprint of 2020

If you are about to be charged by a Mama Griz with cub in tow you should:
1. Curl up in fetal position
2. Sing, “Na, na, na, na….hey, hey, hey….good bye….”
3. Turn the tables: charge Mama Griz.

Find out here!

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