Chasing Trains and the Startling Discovery: UN Agenda 21

I found out something recently – it is very concerning. It all started because of an adventure with my grandsons, Will and Brandon. Will is a train enthusiast and aficionado. So two or three times a month we do this thing called “rail fanning.” We run all over North Florida hunting trains. Then we shootContinue reading “Chasing Trains and the Startling Discovery: UN Agenda 21”

It’s “Communitarianism.”

Doesn’t that sound….friendly? Kinda gives a person warm fuzzies. So what is it? The environmental movement has been hijacked and is the basis for “Communitarianism.” It is a new governance model which balances the rights of the individual with the rights of the community. Who decides the balance? Experts, committees, and bureaucrats – arbitrarily. WhatContinue reading “It’s “Communitarianism.””

The Contentious Salad Conspiracy

I came to Glacier with a secret – one with which I had teased Hillary and Anna “I don’t like surprises” Becker for weeks. I had relented a little for planning purposes, and disclosed it would happen the Tuesday evening after we arrived in Montana. That was all they knew. I was worse than aContinue reading “The Contentious Salad Conspiracy”