The Anxious Cat and the Miracle Van

The tent was my last stop, a last resort (and no, I don’t mean Hilton Head). I wasn’t the first, and certainly wouldn’t be the last to end up in a tent. Approximately 20%-25% of us are genetically susceptible to CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). CIRS is triggered by exposure to a biotoxin, such asContinue reading “The Anxious Cat and the Miracle Van”

Glacier Part 1: The Contentious Salad Conspiracy

I came to Glacier with a secret – one with which I had teased Hillary and Anna “I don’t like surprises” Becker for weeks. I had relented a little for planning purposes, and disclosed it would happen the Tuesday evening after we arrived in Montana. That was all they knew. I was worse than aContinue reading “Glacier Part 1: The Contentious Salad Conspiracy”